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About Us

Established in 1972, Ed’s Deli is one of the two oldest food establishments here in Lake Havasu City. Many years of making customers happy by sticking to what we do best.

We make custom hoagies with the freshest ingredients, a few family secrets and a lot of love. What makes people keep coming back for all these years? Some will say it’s our no preservative bread baked fresh every day. Some will say it’s our famous hot pepper spread of specialty ordered peppers and a blend of spices. Of course these are both big contributors but we know it’s a lot more.

All our meats and produce are sliced to perfection and fresh every day, our selection of oils, vinegars, condiments and seasonings purposely blend well together and a high level of consistency and customer service. Personal attention is given to every customer. We are not an assembly line and only offer strict proportions.

In addition, the owners and staff care about the legacy and traditions of what has made Ed’s Deli a favorite and one of Havasu’s best kept secrets. “It’s Ed’s way not our way.” We may own it and have grown up eating Ed’s for almost a lifetime but this place belongs to our community.

We are all about making the customer happy. Our customers are our friends, family and neighbors. It’s a place people gather, share memories and often know each other by name.

What people don’t know about the deli is how much catering and special events we do. We deliver anywhere in Lake Havasu (basically from the mall to Sarah Park including the lake) servicing a small office or gathering up to large party’s feeding hundreds. We have catering from small, medium and large decorative hoagie, fruit, salad and cookie trays to 3, 5 and 10 foot subs.

We also have a large variety of healthy options to choose from including our new low carb and gluten free menu’s!



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